In the wonderful world of journaling, there are abundance of choices in materials, be it Washi Tape, Stickers, Paper and much much more, yet we only have limited resources to spend on it.

At Journal Bits, we decided to divide them to bits and share them back to more people. This way we could journal more with different styles n themes yet caring for our purses. We might only own a small part, but we own the same level of happiness.

Journal Bits is also about taking bits of our fondest memory and immortalize it onto our journals, and the happiness that comes with it


木轴,  also known as wooden spool are traditionally used as a tool for threads, while Journal Bits re-use them as the main core for washi tapes’ bits.

Initially we tried to use washi tape dividers to share out the bits, but soon realise that it comes with a few disadvantages.

It was then when we stumbled on these mini spools which was used for ribbons, and tried to put the washi tape on, and to our surprise, it fits perfectly, and looks way cuter in the process.

It’s a happy accident that we’re gladly using now to get all the washi tapes to you!